The Primordial Games explore nature-inspired knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations.

" The question is not why them but how & when did nature inspired ancient cultures & civilizations arrived to such precise knowledge of nature, human & technology, even more, advanced than our modern civilization has achieved today.

If I did answer that question find out you too by playing the primordial games! " - LDMF


Know thyself!

Discover the wonders and secrets of ancient cultures and civilizations along a gamified journey that will bring you to the places, the people, skills, knowledge, tools, methods, techniques, and the technology that gave foundation to the ancient and modern world. 


Holistic Learning

With learn-play, create-play, impact-play, and earn-play, activities, missions, challenges, and projects.

A hands-on, data-driven, learning by doing, by solving challenges and simulations.

Our players develop the capacity to think, feel, create, lead, act, innovate, adapt and invest with the knowledge acquired.

Our approach is learning by applying, creating an outcome, with a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.


Holistic Capitalism

Knowledge and skills must be utilized to create a positive impact

Holistic economic growth means as well to cultivating and nurturing a regenerative balance, in everything we do.  Including our creativity, what we do with the knowledge we acquire matters. A holistic lifestyle, preventive mindset, long-term vision, work-life family-nature, community-culture balance is our aim.



  1. Schedule time with us for Q&A, you find out everything you need to know about the game before starting
  2. Purchase Credits. You use the credits to activate learn-play, create-play, impact-play and earn-play tasks, challenges, missions, and projects. This is how you play the game.
  3. Schedule time with us for a data-driven capacity assessment SCAN, to tailor-made your game, and bring you by how to create your own avatar to play it.
  4. Activate the game, start playing, have fun! Good luck!


March 06, 2022

When our players acquire knowledge, we celebrate! The next level of the game is always to apply such knowledge to create a systemic positive outcome. Along with the game, you learn how to do that. 


Challenges, Missions & Projects

Players entering a new level of the game, their learn-play, create-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities get upgraded too.


You always play your own game

Along with a capacity assessment session, where you learn how to create your own avatar for the game, we tailor-made your game, according to your DNA, current capacity, and preferences.


13 Stages of Rank 

You always need to acquire a balanced and holistic set of skills, and knowledge, before being invited to activate the next level of the game. This achievement you demonstrate by your actions, by creating a positive systemic impact when you apply.

According to your capacity, you receive a Belt, a sign of your ability to solve complexity by applying the knowledge, skills, tools, methods, techniques, technology, resources acquired. 


Points, Ring, Tokens, Lives 

In order to create a positive impact, you need to utilize the resources (rewards) you have activated with your successful achievements in the game. Which resources you receive (rewards) depends on your outcome: Capital, tokens, equipment, tools, coaching, training, consultancy, mentoring, products, services, advice.

How do we decide that for you?

You earn points, tokens, rings, and lives while playing the game. Our algorithms will tell us which resources are a match for your achievements. 

The Matrix-Q Games

Developed by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, with HQ in the Netherlands. Aim to address global, local, and social pressing issues, creating a systemic positive impact in nature, societies, and economy, by transferring Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Methods, Techniques, Innovations, Data, Technology, Products, Services, Certificates, Licenses & Labels to the players.   https://matrix-q.games

The Primordial Games, utilize the knowledge and skills acquired by the Matrix-Q Research Institute (and our Founder Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) since 1993 while studying knowledge and technology of nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations.